The only reason why I put up this (home-)page is to encourage you to use PGP or GPG to encrypt your electronic mail. After all, lots of people prefer sending letters enclosed into envelopes over sending a post-card readable by anyone. Read here for some perspectives why one could/should use PGP/GPG.

When sending me an e-mail, encrypted mail is of course most certainly welcome!

Short PGP/GPG-Tour

If you want/need to get familiar with public-key crypto-systems, I recommend taking a closer look here. If you really want to get into the math behind public-key-crypto-systems, you could start with the RSA-algorithm.

My Public-Keys

Here are my public keys. Of course you can also get my keys from a keyserver via HTTP.

Before using a PGP public-key you should actually make sure whether the key really belongs to whom you think it should belong. E.g. you could call the person and verify the fingerprints.

If you want to send me e-mail, please the following:

Revoked Keys

Till Dörges, till at doerges dot net
Last modified: Feb 22, 2016